How many wells?

Click the image from more information on Cuadrilla's plans for PEDL 165

Fracking Employment

From the Financial Times 16 October 2013

AMEC forecast just 15,900 to 24,300 nationwide - direct & indirect

Jobs would typically be short term, at between four and nine years

Only 17% of jobs so far have gone to local people


Looking for misinformation, scaremongering, lies or stupidity?

It's all on this website (but only on this one post ) featuring the Reverend Mike Roberts.

(Oops - there's more! )

Here though is our favourite Reverend Roberts quote of all time - published in the Lancashire Evening Post on 5th August 2015

"If you dare oppose fracking you will get nastiness and harassment whether on social media, or face-to-face"

Yes you!

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better. It's not." - Dr Seuss

We are not for sale!

England is not for sale!


Join the ever growing number of households who have signed up to the Wrongmove campaign!

Tell Cuadrilla and the Government that your house is "Not for Shale"


Be a flea

"Many fleas make big dog move"
Japanese Proverb quoted by Jessica Ernst

No to Fracking

Love Lytham Say No to Fracking

Make sense?

The Precautionary Principle

When an activity or occurrence raises threats of serious or irreversible harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.

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Focusing on the issues

Welcome to the Refracktion website

This site has been set up to provide clear, focused and useful information on the subject of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for gas on the Fylde Coast.

This web site will support individuals and groups who want to make a real impact on decision makers in political and regulatory positions.

As well as providing thought-provoking material of my own, I will aggregate whatever information is made available by local groups.

(If you would like me to include material from your group, please contact me using the link on the left.)

I will also provide information and links to enable you to take action easily. Whether it is writing to your MP or signing a petition.

Whether you are coming to this issue for the first time, or you are already well informed but are keeping up with the developing story of fracking on the Fylde you will find stimulating and challenging material on this site.

What is the current position of on the issue of fracking? Well, Refracktion is not convinced by the benefits case being peddled by Cuadrilla and is very seriously concerned that the regulatory framework is currently inadequate.

Refracktion believes that:

  • fracking would have inevitable negative impacts on our local environment and its amenity value
  • fracking would have inevitable negative impacts on our local tourism and agricultural industries
  • fracking is incompatible with the UK’s obligations for climate change mitigation

Under no circumstances should fracking be allowed to go ahead without proper regulation

  • proper regulation cannot be framed before rigorous science-based studies of environmental, human health and economic impacts have been completed.
  • these studies have not been completed in any meaningful way
  • as a result fracking must not be allowed to go ahead in the current circumstances.

Refracktion’s most recent articles:

Stunts that go horribly wrong

In the wake of the car-crash fail that was the Backing Fracking “rally” next to Blackpool Football Club we thought that maybe this hilarious #socialmedaifail video

Should be added to this one

As far as we can tell...Read More »

It's great to have some light relief

Sometimes keeping up with the fracking debate can be dry and tedious. At other times though we are treated to entertainment which makes it all worth while.

Today at Blackpool Football Club the bitterness which seem to surround the place whilst the Oyston sagas rumble on gave way to pantomime as...Read More »

NWETF and Westbourne Communications

Over the last two days we have been looking at the links between the so-called North West Energy Task Force and Westbourne Communications.  We started to look at this when one of the NWETF panellists, Lee Petts, told us that “panelists aren’t involved in the day-to-day mechanics” of running...Read More »

So who IS the North West Energy Task Force

The North West Energy Task Force has been in the news over the last two days as allegations surfaced around suggestions that the list of supporters of fracking sent as signatories to a letter to LCC in January actually contained people who may not have consented to be...Read More »

NWETF delete page showing questionable support

STOP PRESS: And it’s back – but minus three “supporters” who are presumably not supporters and with one added.

The current version is therefore rather misleading as it now suggests that the list provided to LCC did not have these three names on it when rather clearly...Read More »

Time the "Task Force" was taken to task?

Tonight we were astounded to read this Press Release from Frack Free Lancashire in which it is alleged that the North West Energy Task Force has added a significant percentage of its “supporters” to a letter to Lancashire County Council without them even being aware of it, and...Read More »

DECC Wave 15 shows significant increase in opposition to fracking

DECC released the results of Wave 15 of their opinion tracker. Since Wave 8 (December 2013) they have been tracking public support or opposition to fracking.

Over those two years the situation has shifted radically as can be see from this graph:

Over these two year we have seen support decline...Read More »

IGas - twice in one page? Really!

As we read further down IGas’s page on Water Protection and Usage we were struck by yet another apparent misrepresentation of the truth.

yes, they actually state that:

There have also been more than one million wells drilled around the world, and in no case has there been a...Read More »

Misleading claims from IGas on fracking water usage

Glancing at IGas’s website we were struck by the interesting claim

The quantity of water required to frack an onshore shale gas well is broadly the same amount used to irrigate the typical British golf course each month. There are over 7,500 golf courses across the UK. This is...Read More »

Really Mr Menzies?

Mark Menzies as featured on the Cuadrilla website

Our local MP Mark Menzies (Con) has already told us that he will support fracking provided there are “robust regulations in place“, but until now he has pretty much sat on the fence.

Today, in a surprising...Read More »

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Drill or Drop

Drill or Drop
Drill or Drop is a "must read" resource for those wanting to keep up to date on the issues.

Fracking here’s a bad idea!

Who's fault?

"What you have to be able to do when you decide you want to hydraulic fracture is make sure there are no faults in the area. That's really very very important"

Professor Mike Stephenson - Director of Science and Technology - British Geological Survey

Fracking the UK

Fracking The UK

If you only read one book on fracking this year make it this one!

"Untrustworthy, unbalanced and potentially brain washing." - Amazon Review - Yes the industry hates this book that much :-)

Available as a free download from the Defend Lytham web site Click here to download

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