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Greg Clark

"Those who are prepared to organise to be more effective and more efficient should be able to reap substantially the rewards of that boldness ...

Take power now. Don’t let yourself, any longer, be ruled by someone else"

How many wells?

Click the image from more information on Cuadrilla's plans for PEDL 165

Fracking Employment

From the Financial Times 16 October 2013

AMEC forecast just 15,900 to 24,300 nationwide - direct & indirect

Jobs would typically be short term, at between four and nine years

Only 17% of jobs so far have gone to local people


Looking for misinformation, scaremongering, lies or stupidity?

It's all on this website (but only on this one post ) featuring the Reverend Mike Roberts.

(Oops - there's more! )

Here though is our favourite Reverend Roberts quote of all time - published in the Lancashire Evening Post on 5th August 2015

"If you dare oppose fracking you will get nastiness and harassment whether on social media, or face-to-face"

Yes you!

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing's going to get better. It's not." - Dr Seuss

We are not for sale!

England is not for sale!


Join the ever growing number of households who have signed up to the Wrongmove campaign!

Tell Cuadrilla and the Government that your house is "Not for Shale"


Be a flea

"Many fleas make big dog move"
Japanese Proverb quoted by Jessica Ernst

No to Fracking

Love Lytham Say No to Fracking

Make sense?

The Precautionary Principle

When an activity or occurrence raises threats of serious or irreversible harm to human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.

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Focusing on the issues

Welcome to the Refracktion website

I set this site up to provide clear, focused and useful information on the subject of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) for gas on the Fylde Coast.

This web site will support individuals and groups who want to make a real impact on decision makers in political and regulatory positions.

As well as providing thought-provoking material of my own, I will aggregate whatever information is made available by local groups.

(If you would like me to include material from your group, please contact me using the link on the left.)

I will also provide information and links to enable you to take action easily. Whether it is writing to your MP or signing a petition.

Whether you are coming to this issue for the first time, or you are already well informed but are keeping up with the developing story of fracking on the Fylde you will find stimulating and challenging material on this site.

What is the current position of on the issue of fracking? Well, Refracktion is not convinced by the benefits case being peddled by Cuadrilla and is very seriously concerned that the regulatory framework is currently inadequate.

Refracktion believes that:

  • fracking would have inevitable negative impacts on our local environment and its amenity value
  • fracking would have inevitable negative impacts on our local tourism and agricultural industries
  • fracking is incompatible with the UK’s obligations for climate change mitigation

Under no circumstances should fracking be allowed to go ahead without proper regulation

  • proper regulation cannot be framed before rigorous science-based studies of environmental, human health and economic impacts have been completed.
  • these studies have not been completed in any meaningful way
  • as a result fracking must not be allowed to go ahead in the current circumstances.


Refracktion’s most recent articles:

Honesty? Beyond Our Ken?

You might be forgiven for thinking that Ken Wilkinson would want to draw a veil over his embarrassing performance at the Harrogate debate, but no, his friend the Rambling Reverend has placed the entire text of Ken’s debate speech up on his vanity blog, and then publicised the fact on...Read More »

Support for fracking goes into free fall

Today, the results of the latest YouGov poll on fracking were announced. Now we’ve never been keen on YouGov polls on any subject as they are not a truly random sample – instead participants sign up to a panel to earn points and rewards, which might explain at least...Read More »

Lock the (Harro) Gate

So yesterday found me in Harrogate – a strange place to be for a Lancashire resident maybe, given that it turned out to be decision day on the LCC appeals, but to be honest I didn’t expect Sajid Javid to take the decision right down to the wire when I...Read More »

Incompetence, Stalking and Harassment

The ludicrous Backing Fracking is really plumbing new depths now.

Desperate to prove that property prices are not really suffering from the threat of fracking (they are) Backing Fracking has been stalking local residents, and when they came across a nugget of information that they thought could be used...Read More »

They get Younger all the time

No not policemen – edits to Wikipedia.

There is a Wikipedia article on “Hydraulic fracking in the United Kingdom” which, until quite recently has served as a vehicle for our old friend, Ken Wilkinson, to push his views on fracking, and give himself something to quote from when his arguments...Read More »

Whither (or should that be withered) democracy?

As we wait to find out what decision the Planning Inspector recommended to determine Cuadrilla’s appeal on the Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood applications, and how it will be supported, or otherwise, by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid, it has been interesting to...Read More »

If the frackers can't keep to simple rules ...

Today’s Times front page carries an article about a draft ruling made by the ASA on 5 complaints made about a Friends of the Earth Leaflet by fracktastic tag team of The Reverend Roberts and the now discredited Ken Wilkinson.

Interestingly according to ASA procedures, all draft rulings must remain...Read More »

Where will all the fluid go?

One of the key questions that needs to be answered if fracking were to be given the go ahead relates to the water treatment facilities in the UK capable of processing waste water from shale gas extraction.

A question was put to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural...Read More »

Backing Fracking joins the retreat from debate

It is interesting that the fracking industry and its supporters like to pretend that they want to engage with people and have a proper debate about the issues. Sadly it seems that that is very seldom the case.

We know all about the recent Lorraine and Ken debate debacle, with its...Read More »

Do Ken Wilkinson and Lorraine Allanson have no shame?

In our last post we raised the issue of the courage and dignity that was manifestly lacking in the decision made by Lorraine Allanson and Ken Wilkinson to renege on a promise to take part in a debate on fracking in Harrogate.

Ken Wilkinson

There is...Read More »

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We’re not Backing Fracking

Not Backing Fracking
... but we love their web site

Drill or Drop

Drill or Drop
Drill or Drop is a "must read" resource for those wanting to keep up to date on the issues.

Fracking here’s a bad idea!

Who's fault?

"What you have to be able to do when you decide you want to hydraulic fracture is make sure there are no faults in the area. That's really very very important"

Professor Mike Stephenson - Director of Science and Technology - British Geological Survey

Fracking the UK

Fracking The UK

If you only read one book on fracking this year make it this one!

"Untrustworthy, unbalanced and potentially brain washing." - Amazon Review - Yes the industry hates this book that much :-)

Available as a free download from the Defend Lytham web site Click here to download

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