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Welcome to the Refracktion website

This site was created to provide clear, focused and useful information on the subject of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to extract shale gas on the Fylde Coast.

Whether you are coming to this issue for the first time, or you are already well informed but are keeping up with the developing story of fracking on the Fylde you will find stimulating and challenging material here.

What is the current position of www.refracktion.com on the issue of fracking?

Well, Refracktion is not convinced by the benefits case being peddled by Cuadrilla, Ineos and the rest of the fracking companies, and is very seriously concerned that the regulatory framework is currently inadequate.

Refracktion believes that:

  • fracking would have inevitable negative impacts on our local environment and its amenity value
  • fracking would have inevitable negative impacts on our local tourism and agricultural industries
  • fracking is incompatible with the UK’s obligations for climate change mitigation

Under no circumstances should fracking be allowed to go ahead without proper regulation

  • proper regulation cannot be framed before rigorous science-based studies of environmental, human health and economic impacts have been completed.
  • these studies have not been completed in any meaningful way
  • as a result fracking must not be allowed to go ahead in the current circumstances.


Refracktion’s most recent articles:

Infinite Regression - Busting the Myth Busting

A Northwest MP wrote to Claire Perry MP in her capacity as Minister for Clean Growth and Energy.

In his letter he raised concerns about shale gas extraction on behalf of his constituents.

Ms Perry responded with  a letter containing the usual government platitudes. Here is how it concluded:

The...Read More »

Roll Up! Roll Up! Perry's Amazing Unravelling Circus Has Come To Town!

Westminster Hall debates are strange events where, for half an hour, MPs get to grandstand by poking sticks at a minister who responds by reading out whatever policy line the civil servant sitting behind passes to them. At the end of the time allowed, the debate generally lapses and nobody...Read More »

An ounce of performance


“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises” – Mae West

With that in mind lets take a look at the commitments made by Cuadrilla to the county of Lancashire back in December 2016.

How are they doing after nearly two years on each of these? Let’s take them one by...Read More »

History of oil & gas production from shale in pictures & charts

This presentation is well worth half an hour of your time.

It is by Jeremy Leggett who has extensive industry and academic experience in the extractive industries.

History of oil & gas production from shale in pictures & charts : why US shale will crash and UK will fail:

Read More »

Who is grooming who?

On Monday 30th July we witnessed one of the most unsavoury episodes to date in the Public Relations war that is being waged against fracking protesters here in the UK.

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (which describes itself as being “made up of the ten Greater Manchester councils and Mayor, who...Read More »

Water Water Everywhere ...

This article first appeared in edited form on Desmog.co.uk

This year we have experienced the longest heat wave since 1976, and we learned this weekend that the North West of England is heading for a hosepipe ban in a couple of weeks. We have...Read More »

More tangled webs

Further to our article on whether it was advisable for Brian Coope to be involved with the vile Reclaim The Road page / group, we had a bit of a spat with Jim O’Neil (arch profracker) on a local Facebook Group. Jim swore blind that the Read More »

Cooped Up on the Independent Advisory Group

We were shocked to read a tweet by @Lady_ClaireUK on Twitter today.

“A supposedly-neutral member of the Independent Advisory Group for , Brian Coope, is also a member of a

With Friends Like These ...

We are quite used to sparring with the industry’s front groups. It is a rather obvious strategy for them to set up astroturf groups claiming to be organised by local residents who can then say and do things that the companies themselves might prefer not to be seen saying and...Read More »

Shaky PR

The news reported today that hydraulic fracturing probably was responsible for the South Korean magnitude 5.5 earthquake last November will have caused a headache or two in the boardrooms at Cuadrilla, Ineos and the other fracking companies.

Their mood won’t have been improved by the fact that this...Read More »

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