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Commitment failure

Oh what a brave new dawn it was! Cuadrilla decided that even though legal challenges were still outstanding they would fire the starting pistol on the Shale Gas Revolution and start developing their pad at Preston New Road.

Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive” as Wordsworth wrote, and in that optimistic mood Cuadrilla made a very public promise. They would “put Lancashire first in terms of creating jobs, investment, new skills and community initiatives as a result of shale gas exploration and, if exploration is successful, shale gas production in Lancashire.”

In order to demonstrate this they promised to publish a tracker quarterly in 2017 which would show how they were holding to their promise.

To be honest as soon as it became apparent that their major contract for site construction had gone to a company based in Greater Manchester (and not Lancashire as promised) this whole idea looked a bit risible, but we thought that they would at least try to get a version of the tracker released in the first quarter of the year.

But no – as at April 11th (Well into Quarter 2 of the year) their web site is still serving up a tracker which they refer to above as “the 2016 tracker”. No tracker was published in Q1 of 2017. Imagine our surprise!

So yet another PR fail at the first hurdle from Cuadrilla – they really don’t seem to care much what locals think of them after all, but we thought we’d give them a hand by publishing our own version here.


Axed Johnston Press Editor Misleads For Cuadrilla

Some of Cuadrilla’s lies (like the one about the police asking them to move the barriers to the centre of the road at Preston New Road, or the one about fracking pads being the size of a single rugby pitch) seem to slide their way seamlessly into the local press with no questions being asked. Others are more insidious like the suggestion made by ex LSE editor Steve Singleton to a local councillor last week.

Mr Singleton (who now works for PPS group, one of Cuadrilla’s many PR agencies, but styles himself “Cuadrilla Local Community Advisor“) wrote to a local councillor stating of the protests : “Obviously there is a serious impact on traffic movement and inevitable delays for motorists. Most crucially ambulances will need to be diverted taking longer to reach destinations.”

We were particularly irritated by the claim that the protests might have affected emergency vehicles as, to our knowledge, the only delays to blue light vehicles have occurred as a result of Cuadrilla’s traffic management and their own blocking of the road.

We decided to find out the truth from a senior police officer. The “Bronze” commander at the site confirmed this morning what we already knew.

To his knowledge no emergency vehicles have so far been delayed by any action taken by protesters against the fracking development at Preston New Road.

We think Mr Singleton should refrain from making unsustainable claims like this in future and should write to those who he contacted earlier with this incorrect suggestion to put the record straight. We also hope that the local press will take his “alternative facts” with a few pinches of salt in future.

Fracking Furore Over Axed Johnston Press Editor’s Appeal

Axed LSE Editor Receives Invitation to Attend PNR Protest

Frack Free Lancashire have recently commented on emails sent out by Cuadrilla’s in house spin doctor, axed Johnstone press editor Steve Singleton.  (well we say “In House” , but we’re not sure how somebody employed by PR company PPS Solutions’ office in Greater Manchester is simultaneously able to describe themselves as “Cuadrilla Local Community Advisor” – maybe it’s just a Public relations industry thing? You know, Cuadrilla pretending to put “Lancashire First”, and all that sort of Trumpery)  They have brought to the press’s attention that Cuadrilla Resources, who have used at least seven different public relations agencies to push their corporate messages, are upset that the anti-fracking movement has finally received some positive coverage on the BBC.

FFL have learned that axed Johnston Press Editor on the Fylde Coast, now Cuadrilla’s “Local Community Advisor“, has pleaded with his local contacts to put forward pro-fracking programme suggestions to the BBC in an effort to negate the impact of what he suggests is favourable anti-fracking coverage on popular television programme, The One Show.

In two recently discovered emails, Steve Singleton, attempted to solicit pro-fracking supporters to contact The One Show to counter the impact of a feature on fracking protestors.

Mr Singleton stated:

“Cuadrilla now want to ensure the BBC provide some ‘balance’ and report that there is support in Lancs … This is not that supporters are the silent majority but simply a majority that doesn’t stand outside shouting and block roads needlessly.”

In a second email he also complained (contrary to information provided by the police themselves) that ambulances would have needed to be diverted, taking longer to reach destinations.


However, a local resident commented to FFL:

“Mr Singleton’s claims that ambulances might have needed to have been diverted has no more basis in fact than Cuadrilla’s recent claim that police asked them to move their barriers into the middle of the road. I spoke to a policeman at the scene as the slow walk was happening and he confirmed that emergency vehicles would have been allowed through. The only problems for emergency vehicles over the last 2 weeks have been caused by Cuadrilla’s insistence on erecting barriers which leave only a narrow strip of road available for travel in one direction at a time. “

Speaking on behalf of Frack Free Lancashire, Claire Stephenson explained further:

“It was actually the police who blocked the road and not the protestors. The stopping of the truck down the road was a response by people angry because police did not facilitate peaceful protest. We have video footage of an assault carried out by a security worker, which is now the subject of police investigation following a number of formal complaints. Cuadrilla’s unsuccessful traffic management efforts have blocked emergency vehicles three times in the last two weeks. On Friday campaigners spent two hours persuading workers to reduce their unnecessarily wide fencing space so as to allow emergency vehicles through safely. We have strong concerns for the health and safety of the public and residents.”

Reacting to the claims of unbalanced coverage she continued:

“Cuadrilla spend thousands of pounds on no less than seven PR companies and employing in-house spin doctors like Mr Singleton. They continually make false claims of being involved with the local community. Rather than making spurious claims of support and trying to stir up matters behind the scenes, shouldn’t Mr Singleton be focussing on setting up the Community Liaison Groups which we have been promised, but which Cuadrilla have so far failed to deliver?

“We would like to give him the chance to see the truth at first hand, so we’d like to invite him to come down and join us down at the rolling protest opposite the site entrance to witness both the lawful nature of the protest and also the incredible level of support being offered to the protestors by passing motorists.”

We will report here if Mr Singleton accepts the invitation, engages with the local community, and puts in an appearance at the roadside.

Still no answers – we’ll keep trying …

Having had no response from the Cuadrilla Information Line for 5 days we tried again this evening and got Joel’s colleague at PR Company, Lexington Communications – a bright lady called Charlotte who didn’t give her surname. (To be fair I didn’t ask for it).

Apparently I may have to wait for a “matter of days” longer because there are processes and they have to follow to make sure they are getting the right information to me. It’s really great that they are so careful to get things right – perhaps they should make Mr Egan filter all his pronouncements about pad sizes and fracking employment through their office first? Just a thought! It would save us all a lot of time!

She did suggest that if I had any further questions I should email them and seemed quite surprised when I told her that I would have emailed the first lot, if only Cuadrilla published an email address for me to do that with. If anyone else wants to use that channel apparently emails sent to enquiries@cuadrillaresources.com will end up (as if by magic) in front of Charlotte at Lexington Communications. You may have to wait a while for an answer though. They do seem to be very busy.

She didn’t seem very comfortable when I asked if she minded being quoted as saying that they thought not replying for a about a week was acceptable (which she just pretty much had). I for one don’t think that’s really acceptable – I even offered to point them towards the correct documents that specified the size of Cuadrilla’s pad at PNR, in the hope that that might save them some time, but she said locating the documents wasn’t the issue – it was all the verification they had to do. And their procedures.

I’ll await their eventual reply with interest.

There are more questions than answers…

…and the more I find out the less I know”


So being interested to get to the bottom of  a few Cuadrilla communication issues which has arisen I called the Community Information line on Friday last week. Here’s how it went:


JM: Hello – Community Information line

JH: Hello there, I wonder if I could just ask you to clarify a couple of questions for me?

JM: Yeah sure, go ahead

JH: Can I ask who I am speaking to first of all?

JM: Er yes – my name’s Joel Moorcroft

[We presume he is this Joel Moorcroft who works for PR company Lexington Communications

Joel Moorcroft

and who sounds like a nice enough young chap, and I wonder if the Community Information Line is entirely staffed by Lexington Communications]

JH: Hi Joel, my name’s John

JM: Hi John

JH: I’ve er.. first question – you started work at Preston New Road yesterday. Can I ask how many members of the public were informed of the start of the work and how that was done?

JM: Er yes. A letter went out I think to about 80 or so of the addresses closest to the site, who needed to be informed , er by first class post, that should have been with everybody today..

JH: Today? But you started yesterday.

JM: Um yes, that’s correct

JH: So you didn’t tell people before you started? Is that right?

JM: It was on the day of it commencing that’s correct.

JH: Ah ok. Could you clarify for me as well how big the surface area of the site at PNR will be?

JM: I believe it’s something like the size of….um ah actually bear with me a second I think I’ve got that somewhere.I don’t know it off the top of my head.Um actually could you just bear with me two ticks I can probably find out for you. Is that alright?

JH: Yes – of course, that’s fine yeah

[20 seconds of silence]

JM: Hello – um the site itself I can’t .. the entire area is going to be kind of.. I assume kind of blocked off as a construction site. I don’t know. I know that the pad however, which is kind of …. which is a focal point of construction, that’s where the construction is going to take place I believe it’s approximately about the size of a rugby pitch if you can picture that.

JH: So no bigger than one hectare then?

JM: Ooh I’m sorry I’m not going to sort of hahaha ….

JH: Well a rugby pitch , a standard rugby pitch including the run-off area is about .. it’s actually 1.08 hectares.

JM: Yeah that would be the kind of ah construction pad, the area where the machinery will be, you know, working and in terms of the entire area it will be blocked off. I’m sorry I can’t say at this stage.

JH: Right OK haha. So, just .. Mr Egan said in the paper, that, in the Guardian that I read, that the work will involve dozens of people… is that correct?

JM: If Mr Egan said so then I’d definitely assume that that’s the case. I you want me to find out exactly how many people are expected on the site over the kind of, ah, set up period I will probably just have to come back to you on that.

JH: Can I ask you it in a different way – er Cuadrilla submitted evidence to the inquiry in Blackpool that there would be between 11 and 13 full time equivalent, er FTEs, you know full time equivalents for each site including those in the supply chain, that’s direct, indirect and induced – total of 11 plus 4 between the 2 sites which is why I said 13 because we’re adding 2 to each site based on the monitoring work, so that’s  between 11 and 13 – that’s one dozen isn’t it? Call it 12 yeah?

JM: Yeah

JH: So to say “dozens” of people would be an exaggeration wouldn’t it?

JM: Well there’s only one site at the moment but I would expect there’ll be 12-13 if that’s what Mr Egan said

JH: Well no – Mr Egan said that there will be dozens on this site .. I’m just wondering why he’s saying dozens if the stuff that you gave to the inquiry it was saying basically 12. Er that isn’t dozens, that’s a dozen. I’m just wondering if we are supposed to believe what Mr Egan says now or what you said to the inquiry. Which would you think?

JM:Er I don’t know, again I’m going to have to come back to you on that. That’s a question I can’t answer at this stage

JH: That’s alright – if you can’t answer it you can’t answer it! And then um the final question is that the planning application which you put into the inquiry, that was discussed at the inquiry .. there’s a planning statement exploration works document that shows a programme of work that clearly shows 4 vertical wells with a single horizontal well deviating from each one. Mr Egan seems to have told the Guardian that you, if I’m reading it correctly, you plan to drill 2 horizontal sections of the first pilot vertical well this year. Is that correct?

JM: [Long pause] drilling is going to take place this year. That’s correct. I believe we’re looking at {inaudible – August?? 4 weeks?} time before drilling takes place that’s right.

JH: But not so much what your planning, sorry, when your planning to drill but more what. It seems if I’ve understood what he said correctly, er let me just bring up the quote that he said. He said, although this is a indirect quote, “although Cuadrilla has planning permission for 4 wells at the site it will concentrate on drilling a pilot well 3,500 metres deep this year and two horizontal wells.” Now that sounds to me as though that means a vertical well with two horizontals off it, and that’s what I’m asking you to confirm. Or not. Is it that.

JM: OK , OK I understand so yeah. I understand the question but I’ll have to come back to you, so if I could take some contact details or an email address I can find out about the number of employees we expect to be on site – jobs and then the exact type of drilling we expect to occur as well, that’s fine, but I can’t actually say ..

JH: Yeah that’s fine you can email me at info at refracktion dot com

JM: dot com?

JH: yeah

JM: OK grand

JH: So if you could confirm the surface area, the number of employees and what exactly it is that you are planning to drill this year, that would be really helpful

JM: Yep, Lovely, that’s fine no problem at all, I should be able to get that over to you, well as soon as possible. I’m sure somebody  – if I give them a call will be able to get those answers to you pretty quickly, so I should be able to get those over to you today hopefully.

JH: Thank you so much for your help Joel – thanks

JM: No worries thanks

JH: Cheers bye

JM: Bye


Cuadrilla have told councillors that “we have extended the operational hours of our Community Information Line (0800 170 1115) to 24 hours a day/7 days per week“, but in spite of this they have failed to get back to me with any sort of reply as promised. What are we to make of that?

You could almost feel sorry for them

not backing frackingToday whoever runs the industry mouthpiece at BackingFracking, became overwrought – maybe he had been watching the webcast of the closing submissions by PNR and FoE which comprehensively demolished Cuadrilla’s grounds for appeal, or maybe he’s listened to Babs Murphy and her unconvincing submissions for too long – I know we did.

They posted a plangent complaint on their Facebook page about being misunderstood – it was very touching!

The constant efforts to smear and discredit @BackingFracking, its members and supporters, is really quite gratifying…it shows how worried ‪#‎fracking‬ opponents are.

Unproven allegations that Backing Fracking is an industry astroturfing group, constant efforts to identify, “out” and then undermine the credibility of supporters – and now an outright lie that we offered cash to people in return for attending a demo – all show that there is nothing that anti-frackers won’t do in order to try and control the media perception of fracking.

It also highlights their growing desperation and concern about the emergence of a series of residents groups all supporting shale gas extraction.

You can keep on trying to defame us, you can keep trying to shut us up, and you can keep trying to intimidate us, but listen up folks: it won’t work, and only makes us stronger and more determined to carry on our campaigning.

Now, it’s quite funny to read these shills complaining that they are being discredited and smeared when that is all they have done to others on their Facebook Page and Twitter accounts for the last 3 months. They have hardly attempted to put forward a positive argument in favour of fracking since Christmas, even trying to distance themselves from their poster boy Stephen Tindale’s claims that fracking might be a bridge fuel in recent days.

But let’s analyse what they said a little shall we?

The allegations that Backing Fracking is an astroturfing group are “unproven” but they are not described as “untrue“, which is quite revealing. 🙂

They apparently feel hard done by because people make efforts to identify their supporters and their interests, but fail to see the obvious point that real grassroots supporters are open about who they are. It doesn’t need an effort to work out who I am – you just have to ask if it’s not obvious. Anti-frackers on the Fylde don’t hide behind anonymity or get upset when people find out what WE do for jobs. It seems that they are complaining that by identifying the vested interests of those who speak for their group we are undermining them? But that can surely only be the case if the vested interests described put those people in a negative light can’t it?

I don’t know the truth regarding allegations that people were offered cash to attend a demo, but I do know that the attendance at their events is embarrassingly low, so if they were offering cash it clearly wasn’t enough.

And then we have the accusation that anti-frackers are trying to control the media perception of fracking. Now that coming from an organisation with such strong links to the North West Energy Task Force is pretty hilarious isn’t it. Yes , that the “Task force” that is run by PR company Westbourne Communications. We may not have their budgets but it would appear from the outraged squeals here that we are succeeding in out-gunning them in every way.

I’m not sure where they get the mistaken idea that we are in the slightest bit concerned about “the emergence of a series of residents groups all supporting shale gas extraction” because we are only aware of 3 – Backing Fracking, FORGE and Blackpool Fracking for a Better Future. They have all been around for an age and  same half dozen people post on all three.

Backing Fracking has only 255 Facebook likes, 181 Twitter followers, a mailing list of about 130 and refuses to admit how few people have signed their pro-fracking petition.

FORGE has 285 Facebook likes – we imagine most are the same people who have like Backing Fracking, but we can’t tell because they routinely block anyone who comments disagreeing with fracking.

Blackpool Fracking For a Better Future had over 650 Facebook “members” within a week of starting up but has now declined to 591, presumably as people who were signed up by the organisers got tired of the same old drivel from the same old people – amusingly, the only two people to have started discussions on there since early January are our old friends Michael Roberts and Ken Wilkinson, who coincidentally are just about the only people apart from the anonymous “Backing Fracking” and his pal Lorraine to post on the other two groups. Groups that grow organically (like grass roots supporters tend to) don’t suddenly acquire 650 members and then decline in numbers over the course of a year.

So where are these new groups Backing Fracking speaks of emerging, and where are the emerging from?

The truth is that there is no grassroots support for fracking as has been made very evident by the marked absence of local residents without interests in the industry speaking at the public sessions of the inquiry.

We’re very sure though that Backing Fracking will carry on campaigning though – after all they raised £1,100 in donations back in October for a web site some flyers and expenses, and we’ve never seen a flyer, they don’t have a website and they claim they don’t bribe people to attend demos – they’ll have to spend it on something won’t they? 🙂

Cuadrilla’s Fracking Spin Cycle

Fracking PR

Cuadrilla’s community engagement initiatives at their proposed fracking site at Preston new Road  may have ground to a halt, but that doesn’t mean that they have stopped trying to influence opinion.

Cuadrilla have a long history of using PR Companies, often in a rather inept way. A leaflet created with PPS Group was censured by the Advertising Standards Authority for multiple counts of exaggeration and making misleading and unsustainable statements, and a Bell Pottinger executive speaking for Cuadrilla was taped saying “I know that everything I say sounds like utter ****** bullshit”

This doesn’t, however, seem to have dampened their enthusiasm for burning cash on PR.

How many PR companies would you guess Cuadrilla paid fees to between 1st September and 30th November 2015? One? two? Several? Seven?

SEVEN. Yes really. We have to ask why a company which claims to have so much local support needs to employ SEVEN PR / Lobbying companies in three months to get their message across. For comparison IGas and Third Energy only seem to have used one PR company each in the same period.

You can see the details on the website of the Association of Professional Political Consultants but we have extracted them here for you

PR CompanyClientOther Related Clients
Edelman Public AffairsTask Force on Shale Gas - www.shaletaskforce.uk - Funded by Centrica, Cuadrilla, Dow, Total, The Weir Group, GDF Suez
Hanover CommunicationsCuadrilla
HK StrategiesCuadrillaAll Party Group on Unconventional Oil & Gas, Arup, Celtique, Energie, Centrica, Essar Energy, Ground-Gas Solutions, Igas Energy, Ineos UK, Peel Environmental, The Weir Group, Total, Remsol
Lexington CommunicationsCuadrillaPeel
PortlandCuadrilla Bowland Ltd
PPS GroupCuadrilla Bowland LtdCeltique Energy, Ineos Enterprises Ltd, Peel Environmental Holdings Ltd
Westbourne CommunicationsCuadrilla BowlandCentrica Energy

Looking at the source data from which this table is extracted we were also struck by something which isn’t there.

We know from an admission from John Kersey of the Institute of Directors that the so-called North West Energy Task Force  has its communications and administration provided by Westbourne Communications. westbourneproofIn the register all clients, even pro bono clients, are listed. However, the North West Energy Task Force does not appear even as a pro bono client of Westbourne Communications,  although Cuadrilla Bowland and Centrica (who own a large share in Cuadrilla’s PEDL 165)  are  listed as clients. Now it is possible of course that Westbourne provided no services of any kind to the North West Energy Task Force over that busy 3 months for fracking PR. Indeed the @NWTaskforce Twitter account only posted 9 tweets in the period concerned which seems a bit dilatory for an organisation claiming to be a “task force”, so maybe not much was really going on in the guerilla war being waged against the insurgents in Roseacre and Preston New Road? There may of course be another more credible explanation.





Will we ever be able to have an intelligent debate?

I have spent some time over on a Facebook page apparently run by an anonymous group who describe themselves “as a group of UK residents that are backing fracking to create jobs in areas where they are needed most”

Leaving aside the credibility issues they have by insisting on remaining anonymous, it has been interesting to comment on the posts they make and to see the often hysterical reactions that you get if you attempt to have a lucid discussion with them.

I thought it would be interesting to demonstrate what happens if you do try to engage these people in a rational (and polite) debate.

Take a look at this – it shows what we have to deal with


It is a bit hard to have a sensible discussion with people who think saying Thomas the Tank engine and Santa are big backers is amusing, but I particularly enjoyed the final witty and intelligent contribution to the debate from Mr Thornton.

Still at least they haven’t refused to engage at all – Blackpool Fracking For a Better Future refused to let me join their group and banned me when I applied, and FORGE (Friend(s??) of Ryedale Gas Exploration) deleted any (polite) post I made if it didn’t conform to their narrative.

If you ever wonder WHY you may be be having trouble getting a rational response from the pro-frackers you are not alone!


Gaffe of the fortnight

We’ve been away on holiday but it’s hard to avoid the constant sound of feet hitting mouths even from a few hundred miles away.

Some of our favourites:

  • Lord Howell  and his ill-judged Nimbyism exemplified by his “desolate” North East comments.
  • Lord Howell’s attempts to extricate himself by claiming he really meant the “unloved” North West.
  • Francis Egan’s comment that he lives in the North East and it doesn’t look desolate to him (He actually lives in Cheshire).
  • Michael Fallon’s ill-judged comments about how fracking will set the walls shaking in the rectories owned by the Southern journalists who were supporting fracking.
  • David Cameron’s demonstration of his fine grasp of detail with his claims that each development well would generate 10 times the bribe actually being proposed (£1 million not £100k.)
  • How do you choose between all this evidence of a government and industry fast losing control of the narrative it has been carefully trying to weave for 2 years?

    Well we think the “howellers” must win, even if only for demonstrating the truth of the old advice “when you find yourself deep in a hole, stop digging”.



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